Published Research Papers and Conference Contributions


2016 - Measuring Innovation in Europe for future growth
Keynote Seminar, DUBAI

THA - International Triple Helix Association

2015 - Panel Chair at the THA Annual Conference
‘University-Industry–Government Triple Helix Model for Fast-Developing Countries, Beijing, China.

2014 - ‘The Challenges for University-Industry Partnerships’
Chair of the Discussion Forum Organised by the Triple Helix Association, Tomsk, Russia.

2013 - 'Innovation for Sustainable Development: Building Capabilities for Local and Global Markets at Indmira'
11th Triple Helix conference on Triple Helix in a Global Context, London, UK.

2012 - ‘Governance of Triple Helix Relationships & Regional and National Intermediation’
10th International TH, Bandung, Indonesia.

2009 -‘Distribution of Firms in an Entrepreneurial Cluster. The Case of Health Technology Cluster in
the Greater South East’

7th International TH, Glasgow, Scotland, UK.

SOGBED - International Conference of the Society of Global Business & Economic Development

2011 - 'Governance of Triple Helix Relationships'
12th SOGBED, Singapore.

2007 - 'Evolution of Network Governance: Control and Coordination in Network Context’
10th SOGBED, Kyoto, Japan.

‘HICSS - Hawaii International Conference on System Science’

2011 - ‘Co-alignment of Supply Chain Strategies and the Knowledge Outcomes for Buyer-Supplier Network Relationships’’
(with Dr. James Aitken), 44th HICSS, Hawaii, USA. Presented also at the 9th Wageningen International Conference on Chain and Network Management (WICaNeM 2010).

2009 - ‘Pharmaceutical Blogging and On-line Distribution of Information’ ’
(with Donka Keskinova), 42nd HICSS, Hawaii, USA. Early draft published by the International Institute of Informatics and Systemics, USA, ISBN-10: 1-934272-37-X; ISBN-13: 978-1-934272-37-4, Vol. VII, pp: 112-117.

INSNA - International Network for Social Network Analysis

2015 - ‘Heterogeneous Triple Helix Networks in the Wine Industry’
Comparative analysis of the Wine Clusters in Brazil and Chile’, 35th SUNBELT, Brighton, UK.

2015 - ‘Institutionalisation of Chinese Family and Community Business Networks'
Guanxi, Hegu, Hui, Bangs, Clans, Kongsi’, 35th SUNBELT, Brighton, UK.

2010 - ‘The Interplay Between Project Networks and Project Institutions’
30th SUNBELT, Italy.

2007 - ‘Complementarity and Synergies Between the Structural,
the Relational and the Cultural Approaches to Network Analysis’,

27th SUNBELT, Corfu, Greece

MOPAN – Multi-Organisational Partnerships, Alliances & Networks

2005 - ‘The Dynamics of Engagement & the Process of Partnering’,
in the proceedings of the 11th MOPAN, Tilburg University, Netherlands.

2004 - ‘Taxonomy of International Business Networks and Multi-National Business Relationships’,
at the 12th MOPAN, University of Glamorgan, UK.

1997 ‘Co-operative Business Strategies in Eastern Europe’
4th MOPAN, University of Oxford, UK.

ANZIBA – Australia & New Zealand International Business Academy

2005 - ‘Foreign Market Entry and Internationalisation of Business Network’,
ANZIBA 2005, Monash University, Melbourne, Australia. Presented also at the International Conferences on Economics and Management of Networks – EMNet, University of Vienna, Corvinus University of Budapest, Hungary,

EAEPE – European Association of Evolutionary & Political Economy

2001 - ‘Political Co-Ordination And Corporate Control Of Economic Activities By The State’,
13th EAEPE, Siena, Italy.

1999 - ‘Market Co-ordination and the Failure of Transition Policies in Central and Eastern Europe’,
11th EAEPE, Prague Czech Republic.

EIBA – European International Business Academy

2002 - ‘Business Relationships in an Interconnected World’,
28th EIBA, Athens, Greece

1999 - ‘Business Networks and Telecommunications Services’ ,
(with Robin John) 25th EIBA, Manchester, UK.

1999 - ‘Exploring the links between foreign direct investment, privatization policies, and transition reforms in Central and Eastern Europe’
(with Haico Ebbers), 25th EIBA, Manchester, UK.

AIB-UK – Academy of International Business – UK Chapter

1999 - ‘‘The Transformation of Business Networks in Eastern Europe:’,
Comparative Case Studies’ - 26th AIB-UK University of Stirling, UK.

1998 - ‘‘Business Networks In International Business: A Review Of The Research Agenda’,
25th AIB-UK, City University Business School, London. (pp. 681-696)

EAM – Eastern Academy of Management International Conference

2001 - 'Shaping the Competition and Building Competitive Advantage in the Global Telecommunication Industry:’,
The Case of British Telecommunications Plc’, (with Robin John), 9th EAM, Costa Rica.

2001 - ‘‘The Globalisation of Telecommunications and the Internationalisation of KPN (Netherlands)’,
(with Haico Ebbers), 9th EAM, Costa Rica.

1999 - ‘Foreign Direct Investment and the Privatisation Process in Central and Eastern Europe',
’ 8th EAM, CMC Graduate School of Business, Prague, Czech Republic. Presented also at the conference ‘Privatisation in Transitional Economies’, Centre for Euro-Asian Studies, University of Reading.

1997 - ‘Conceptual Framework of the Transformation of Management Systems:’,
The Case of Bulgaria’, 7th EAM, Dublin, Ireland.

EURAM – European Academy of Management

2009 - ‘Multinational Investment Projects and Foreign Direct Investment in the Petrochemical Industry in China’,
(with Yan Fu), 9th EURAM, Liverpool UK, and at The 2nd Reading IB Conference, Reading, UK.

2004 - 'The Globalisation of the Firm through Network Relationships Across Borders’,
4th EURAM, University of St. Andrew, UK.

APROS – Asia Pacific Research in Organisation Studies

2007 - ‘From Health Care and Technology to the Health Technology Cluster in the South East of England’
APROS 2007, Management Development Institute, New Delhi, India; Presented also at ASNA 2007, University of Zurich and 3rd UK Social Network conference, Queen Mary, University of London, UK.

2003 - ‘Strategic Alliances: Formation, Developmental Dynamics, and Performance outcomes
(with David Knoke), APROS 2003, Oaxaca, Mexico and published in the proceedings of the EURAM 2004, University of St. Andrew, UK.

2001 - ‘The Explanatory Power of Network Theory and its Application to Multi-National Business Relationships’,
APROS 2001, Hong Kong Baptist University.

2000 - ‘The Petrochemical Industry in China - Government Regulation and Development Policies’,
APROS 2000, Sidney, Australia.

EGOS – European Group for Organisation Studies

2006 - ‘Business Network Paradigms: Conceptual Divorce and Marriage’,
22nd EGOS, Bergen, Norway.

2001 - ‘Strategic Alliances as Network Formations’,
17th EGOS, Lion, France.

1999 - ‘An Interdisciplinary Framework for Business Network Analysis‘,
15th EGOS, Warwick University, UK.

OSWC – Organisation Science Winter Conference

2003 - ‘Heterogeneity of Actors and Processes in Business Networks’,
9th OSWC, Colorado, US.

2002 - ‘‘Emerging Industrial Clusters in the Global Information Sector’,
8th OSWC, Colorado, US, Presented at the European Network on Industrial Policy (EUNIP 2003), Porto, Portugal.

2000 - ‘Analysis of Business Network Dynamics’,
6th OSWC. Colorado, US.

ISA – International Sociological Association

2014 - ‘Business Network Theory and the Role of Country of Origin’,
18th ISA World Congress, Yokohama, Japan.

2012 - ‘Multi-Stage Cluster Methodology & Compound Concatenated Structural Analysis of 2-Mode Networks’,
ISA, RC33 Research Methodology, Sydney, Australia

1998 - ‘Business Networks and Co-operative Strategies Based on Inter-organisational Dependencies’
14th ISA World Congress, Montreal, Canada.

Other Conference Contributions

2008 -‘Network Dynamics and Evolution: In Search for Understanding of Network Processes’,
5th Nordic Workshop on Relationship Dynamics, NoRD 2008, Harjattula, Finland. Presented also at the conference NET2008: Network Structure and Complexity, Trento, Italy, and the 4th UK Social Network Conference, (UK-SNA 2008), University of Greenwich, London, UK.

2006 - ‘Network Structure of Industrial Clusters: An Examination of the Electrical Equipment Cluster in China’
(with Meng, Tao), 13th International Conference on Management Science and Engineering (ICMSE’06), 2007: pp. 1139-1144.

2005 - ‘Complexity of Business Network Relationships’, 1st UK-SNA Forum ‘Social Network Analysis:
Advances & Empirical Applications’, Multidisciplinary Centre for Social Sciences, University of Oxford. Presented also at the conference on Complex Networks: Evolution and Statistical Properties (COSIN 2005), Salou, Spain.

2005 - ‘Clusters of Competencies in the Global Information Sector’,
(with D. Knoke, and D. Keskinova), 1st ASNA conference ‘Applications in Social Network Analysis’, University of Zurich, Switzerland.

2005 - ‘Understanding the Role of Networks Before and After Deregulation:
The Case of RWE’ (with Philip Walsh), The International Conferences on Economics and Management of Networks (EMNET 2005), University of Vienna and Corvinus University of Budapest, Hungary.

2004 - ‘Blurring the Boundaries: Industrial Clusters in the Global Information Sector’
(with Knoke,D., Keskinova,D.), 4th Proximity Congress, Marseille, France. Quatriemes Journees de la Proximite, Group de Recherche Dynamiques do Proximite, GREQAM, other information

2004 - ‘Strategic Alliances & Models of Collaboration’
(with David Knoke), The Dynamics of Strategy, 2-4 June 2004, University of Surrey, UK.

2004 - ‘Governance of Collaborative Business Networks:
The Cases of Japanese Keiretsu and Sogo Shosha’, ‘Competition Strategy Toward A New Kind Of Inter-firm Dynamics’, Catania, Italy.

2003 - 'Managing Heterogeneity in Global Supply-Chain Networks',
‘European Forum On Market-Driven Supply Chains’, Cranfield, UK.

2001- ‘Heterogeneity of Actors and Processes in Business Networks’,
6th Workshop on Economics with Heterogeneous Interacting Agents (WEHIA), MERIT, Maastricht.

2001- ‘Integration of the Post-Communist Economies from Central and Eastern Europe Into the 21st Century World Economy’,
25th Annual Conference, Political Economy of the World System (PEWS), Virginia, US.

2000- ‘Review Of The Mass Privatisation Wave In Eastern Europe: The Case Of Bulgaria’,
6th World Congress of the International Council For Central and East European Security, Tampere, Finland.

1998- ‘East European Business Networks: Review Of Dependencies And Strategies’,
Research paper 12-98, Centre for International Business Studies, South Bank University, London.

1998- ‘The Transformation of the Socialist Governance System’,
South Bank European Papers 6-98, European Institute, South Bank University, London.

1998- ‘Institutional Analysis of Management Practices and the Transfer of Management Know-How’,
‘The Thorsten Veblen Conference on Institutional Analysis of the Economy Today’, Norwegian School of Management, Oslo.

1997- ‘Transformation of Organisational Culture in Eastern Europe: The Case of Poland’,
3rd Annual Conference on Central and Eastern Europe in a Global Context, Buckinghamshire Business School, UK.

1997- ‘‘Network Strategies in Eastern Europe and the Transformation of Hierarchies’,
British Academy of Management’ (BAM 97) Annual Conference, London Business School, UK.

1996- ‘Privatisation and Change of the Management System: New Opportunities and Threats’,
British-Bulgarian Conference on Aspects of Privatisation, March 1996, Oreshaka, Bulgaria.

1996- ‘Analysis of the Specificities and Changes in Management Practices in the Socialist Economies:
The Case of Bulgaria’, in the Proceedings of the 2nd Annual Conference on Central and Eastern Europe: Towards the New Millennium, Brunel University, pp. 83-98.

1995- ‘Characteristics of Management in the Construction Industry in Bulgaria:
Comparative Case Studies’ -4th AEDEM Congress of the 'European Association of Management and Business Economics', Bulgaria.

1994- ‘Methodology for Curriculum Development: Co-ordinating a Collaborative Project in Management Education in Bulgaria’
International conference Management of Collaborative European Programmes and Projects in Research, Education and Training, Oxford.

1994- ‘Educational Reform and Social Transformation: The Experience from Bulgaria and Poland’
(with Leslie Doyle)The conference proceedings of the International Conference on Innovation and Experience, Urals Institute of National Economy, Ekaterinburg, Russia.

1992- ‘The Polarisation of Bulgarian Society after 1989: An Analysis with Special Reference to the Bulgarian Media’
British Sociological Association (BSA’92), Canterbury, UK.

1988- ‘New Technologies and the Decentralisation of Management: Review of Scientific Literature Bulgarian Authors Between 1980 1988’, Part 3:
'Technological Renovation Social and Health Consequences', in Annual of the Institute of Social and Trade Union Studies, Sofia, Bulgaria.

1987- ‘Youth and the Implementation of New Technologies: Social Contradictions’,
Annual Meeting of the Young Social Scientists in Bulgaria, Stara Zagora, Bulgaria.