Blog Analysis :

This project was sponsored by Pfizer and led to the development of a new methodology for blog analysis using cluster and network analysis techniques.

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  • The aims of the project were:
  • Presentation of results
  • Publication of findings

In particular, the project aimed to reveal:

  • the actors in the network
  • the relationships between them
  • the topics on which they publish
  • the impact of their publications


Research outcomes:

The blog analysis revealed that the interactive public space for information retrieval via blogs and web technology is rapidly growing. Most of the technologies that support the registration and search of blogs are still at their developmental stages, and major changes or domination of particular technologies are quite possible. The relationships between URL-pages in the blog-space are still very rare and emerging.

Exerts from the report:

The entire blog-space for European pharmaceuticals and European healthcare has an interconnected core of 36% of all URL-pages and a large periphery of URL-pages related to a single pharmaceutical company. 31% of the URL-pages (or 86 URL-pages) refer only to Pfizer and no other pharmaceutical firm from our selection. Although Pfizer appear to occupy a space fairly at a distance from other pharmaceutical firms, it is also directly compared with Johnson & Johnson, Merck & Co, and Takeda, particularly on issues related to ‘healthcare’, ‘healthcare system’, and ‘health policy’. In addition, Pfizer appear to be strongly connected to blogs such as: Pharmalot, Pharmasia News, RxBlog, Talk: Med, Canada’s shame, Computer Monkey, Forward in reverse, and Google-Sina Medical Health – among others.