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Conferences, Workshops, key note Seminars and Webinars covering Design Methodologies, Cluster Analysis and Network Analysis.

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Clusters, Ecosystems and the Triple Helix Context for Entrepreneurial Universities

Beijing Normal University, China

23 Aug (2015)

Smart Specialisation and Global Value Chains

Seville, Spain

21 July (2015)

UGPN international workshop, 'Global Value Chains: Global and Local Integration'

University of Surrey, University of Sao Paolo.

Feb 16-20 -(2015)

Triple Helix Webinars series

Triple Helix Association

2014 - 2015

Building on the successful experience of its first web event “Triple Helix for Newbies and How Institutions Can Enhance Effectiveness of TH Relationships”, organized by Dr Emanuela Todeva on May 29 2014.

The webinar programme will focus on emergent topics in the triple helix interface and is designed to promote practical discussion within THA membership community and beyond.

Developing Innovation Ecosystems


Sept (2015 )

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