Conferences, Workshops, Keynote Seminars & Webinar Series

Conferences, Workshops, key note Seminars and Webinars covering Design Methodologies, Cluster Analysis and Network Analysis.

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Measuring Innovation Ecosystems Dynamics and the Triple Helix

Pretoria, South Africa.

2-3 Dec.(2019)

Activating Triple Helix Constellations: Models and Practices

Cape Town, South Africa.

09-11 Sept (2019)

Cultural Values, Behaviour and Innovation

Cape South Africa

09-11 Sept (2019)

Invited panellist at the discussion on ‘Cultural Values, Behaviour and Innovation’ – at the XVII International Triple Helix Conference ‘Triple Helix -
A Catalyst for Change


‘Do We Understand Multi-level Governance'

St. Mary’s University, UK

27-29 June (2019)

invited presentation at the international workshop on ’Innovative place-based approaches for regional development through Smart Specialisation Strategies’,


Bulgarian Biopharma and Challenges for the Integration of European Value Chains

Bratislava, Slovakia

5th June (2019)

invited presentation at the European Commission High Level Conference ‘Implementing Cohesion Policy under the Smart Specialization Strategy as a tool to better anchor V4 + 4 countries in global value chains


Understanding Global Value Chains

Gdańsk, Poland

24-25th April (2019)

Understanding Global Value Chains: who Drives Them and How They Work’, and ‘Mapping Value Chains, Clusters and Regional Capabilities: the Cases of Biopharma and High-Tech Farming in Europe’ invited Key note at the Experts meeting - International Value Chains as a Goal for Regional Smart Specialisations,


Innovative place-based Triple Helix Approaches for Regional Development through Smart Specialisation - Webinar

St. Mary’s University, UK.

28- 29 June (2019)

Chair of the Organising Committee and the Scientific Committee of the workshop on ‘Innovative Place- Based Triple Helix Approaches for Regional Development through Smart Specialisation Strategies’.


Triple Helix Webinars series

Triple Helix Association

(2019- 2020 )

The 2019-2020 webinar Series will maintain its initial purpose to focus on emergent topics in the triple helix interface, with particular attention this year to the operationalization of Triple Helix interactions for regional development. We hope that our Series will continue enhancing practical discussion within the THA membership community and beyond.