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Conferences, Workshops and key note Seminars in excellence in innovation and research, Design Methodologies, Cluster Analysis, Network Analysis

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Birkbeck Centre For Innovation Management Research (CIMR).

Birkbeck University, Russell Square, Bloomsbury, London.

Dec 2 -(2016)

IBCE Conference and Exhibition

Lahore, Pakistan.

Nov 7th- 8th -(2016)

XIV International Triple Helix Conference

Heidelberg, Germany.

Sept 25th-27th (2016)

Regional Helix:

Castelo Portugul

June 29th/ 30th / July 1st -(2016)

International Conference On Regional Triple Helix Dynamics 


International Conference On Responsible Entrepreneurship. Vision, Development And Ethics (ICEIRD2016)

Bucharest, Romania

June 23rd - 24th -(2016)

Global Entrepreneurial University Metrics (GEUM) Workshop II:

Palo Alto, Silicon Valley USA

June 3rd - 5th -(2016)

International Triple Helix Institute (ITHI), The Global Entrepreneurial University Metrics initiative (GEUM)


Smart Regions Conference


June 1st - 2nd -(2016)

Smart Specialisation Platform for Agri-Food


May 12th -(2016)

S3 Platform on Industrial Modernisation and Investment


May 11th -(2016)

IFSAM 2016 World Congress

Yucatan, Mexico.

May 17th - 20th -(2016)

Governance Workshop

USP-RP, Brazil

April -(2016)

Conference - Keynote Seminar


January 28th - (2016)

Triple Helix Webinars series

Triple Helix Association

- (2016)

The 2016 webinar Series will maintain its initial purpose to focus on emergent topics in the triple helix interface and to promote practical discussion within THA membership community and beyond.